OraVerse – Reversing Numbness

We offer OraVerse®: The first and only local anesthesia reversal agent to reverse numbness after local anesthesia.

Soft tissue anesthesia can lead to uncontrolled drooling and perceived sense of altered appearance. It may also result in difficulty of

  • Speaking
  • Smiling
  • Drinking


  • Restores normal sensation twice as fast
  • Accelerates the return to normal function so patients can speak, smile and drink normally in about half the time
  • The most common adverse event greater than the control was injection site pain (5% vs. 4%)
  • Pediatric patients, children also recover sensation in half the time

Safety Information

  • No contraindications
  • No known drug interactions with OraVerse®
  • Phentolamine mesylate is a vasodilator used in medical indications since 1952
  • Pregnancy Category C – OraVerse has not been studied in pregnant women or nursing mothers

For further information check OravVerse’s webpage dedicated to patients.